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Introducing Resident Advocate

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We understand some renters’ payment difficulties, especially now. But we also know you can’t lose revenue. These days, property managers are faced with a mounting dilemma as they deal with collecting rent payments: if the delinquency gets to a breaking point, can you even evict a resident in this crisis?  

The prevailing wisdom is—when faced with late rent payments, the key is to deal with it immediately. Before you hear from your residents one way or another that they can’t pay rent, consider reaching out proactively to find a solution before the issue gets out of hand.  

Resident Advocate acts as a liaison on all matters related to rent-payment. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you collect on time, extend your average length of residency, and avoid unnecessary evictions. With text reminders, online notifications, phone calls, and compassionate guidance on payment options, Resident Advocate’s human-centered, powerful technology platform helps your residents make informed financial decisions that get them back on track — so you don’t lose revenue: 

Resident Advocate Notices 

Consistent, legally compliant, and timely rent reminders and customer notices. 

Resident Advocate Voice 

Human-touch phone calls from our award-winning customer service professionals 

Resident Advocate Loans 

Referrals to established loan or debt-consolidation services for residents in need. 

Resident Advocate Complete 

Recommended for maximum value and impact, this is the comprehensive package of Resident Advocate solutions. 

As a standalone solution or in tandem with the Resident Interface comprehensive suite, Resident Advocate is offering better solutions and best practices.  

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